Chaminade-Madonna (Hollywood) High School Football is Ranked #4 in Florida – Here’s Why!

Chaminade-Madonna (Hollywood) High School football has earned the impressive rank of #4 in Florida. This ranking is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the players, coaches, and staff at the school. There are many reasons why Chaminade-Madonna (Hollywood) High School is excelling on the football field, and in this post, we’ll explore those reasons in detail.

History of the program

Chaminade-Madonna (Hollywood) High School Football has been a fixture in the Hollywood area for decades. Established in 1957, Chaminade-Madonna (Hollywood) was the first Catholic high school in Broward County and since then it has established itself as a premier football program. The school’s first football team won the state championship in 1970 and from that point on, the Lions have become a powerhouse. In the last five years, Chaminade-Madonna (Hollywood) has won three district titles and one state title. The Lions are now ranked 4th in the state of Florida and they show no signs of slowing down.

The coaching staff

At Chaminade-Madonna (Hollywood), the team is led by head coach Dameon Jones. Coach Jones is a veteran of the high school football coaching ranks, with ten years of experience at several Florida high schools. He arrived at Chaminade-Madonna in 2019 and has since helped to transform the program into one of the top contenders in the state.
Under Jones’ leadership, the team has achieved numerous successes, including consecutive district titles in 2020 and 2021. The staff is filled out by coaches with previous college and high school coaching experience, including Offensive Coordinator Maurice Dixon and Defensive Coordinator Cody Montgomery. The entire coaching staff works tirelessly to ensure that their players are prepared to perform on the field and develop into successful young men off the field.

The players

At Chaminade-Madonna (Hollywood) High School, the football team is powered by some of the best talent in the state. With a wealth of talent from the local area, the Lions have been able to assemble a roster of star players that excel both on and off the field. The coaches strive to recruit athletes who are committed to success and hard work, and it has paid dividends for the team. In addition to being talented, the players also have great character and display strong leadership qualities. This is why Chaminade-Madonna (Hollywood) High School Football is one of the best in Florida.

The facilities

Chaminade-Madonna (Hollywood) High School Football has some of the best facilities in the state of Florida. The team is lucky enough to be able to practice and play on their own campus, so they can really hone their skills in the comfort of their own home. In addition to this, the school provides access to a state-of-the-art weight room, giving players the opportunity to stay in shape and build strength for their games.
The team also has access to a full-size indoor turf field, which allows for year-round training, even when it’s too hot or wet outside. This field also serves as a practice facility for special teams and other skills.
Finally, the school provides its student-athletes with cutting edge technology such as an advanced video system for studying film and reviewing plays. This technology helps give players a better understanding of the game and aids in developing strategies that could give them an edge on the field.
Overall, Chaminade-Madonna (Hollywood) High School Football has some of the best facilities in the state of Florida and offers its student-athletes everything they need to succeed on and off the field.

The support from the community

Chaminade-Madonna (Hollywood) High School Football has been able to achieve great success on and off the field due to the tremendous support of their local community. Parents, alumni, and local businesses have all stepped up to help create a top-tier program that is well respected throughout Florida. Local businesses have provided financial support as well as opportunities for student-athletes to gain valuable experience and internships. Alumni have also played an integral part in the success of the program by providing mentorship and guidance to the current players. And, of course, the passionate parents of the team have contributed greatly to the team’s success through their unconditional love and unwavering enthusiasm. Chaminade-Madonna (Hollywood) High School Football is truly blessed to have such a dedicated community behind them.


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