Top 25 Florida Class 1M High School Football Rankings

Florida Class 1M High School Football Top 25 Rankings refer to the Top 25 Rankings of high school football teams in the state of Florida. The Top 25 Rankings are determined based on various factors, including the team’s performance in previous seasons, the number of wins and losses, the strength of schedule, and other relevant criteria.

Overall, the State Florida Class 1M High School Football Top 25 Rankings are an important tool for fans and players alike. They provide a snapshot of the state of high school football in Florida and offer a source of motivation and pride for those who follow the game. So if you’re a fan of high school football in Florida, be sure to keep up with the latest Top 25 Rankings to stay in the know.

Final Rankings as of 12/17/2022.

1# Chaminade-Madonna (Hollywood)
2# Cardinal Newman (West Palm Beach)
3# Clearwater Central Catholic (Clearwater)
4# University Christian (Jacksonville)
5# Trinity Christian Academy (Jacksonville)
6# Carrollwood Day (Tampa)
7# Benjamin (Palm Beach Gardens)
8# Orlando Christian Prep (Orlando)
9# Avant Garde Academy (Hollywood)
10# True North Classical Academy (Miami)
11# Northside Christian (St. Petersburg)
12# Archbishop Carroll (Miami)
13# The First Academy (Orlando)
14# Cambridge Christian (Tampa)
15# Seffner Christian (Seffner)
16# Foundation Academy (Winter Garden)
17# Providence School (Jacksonville)
18# Westminster Christian (Miami)
19# Palmer Trinity (Miami)
20# Indian Rocks Christian (Largo)
21# Christ’s Church Academy (Jacksonville)
22# St. John Paul II Academy (Boca Raton)
23# North Florida Educational Institute (Jacksonville)
24# St. Petersburg Catholic (St. Petersburg)
25# Orangewood Christian (Maitland)

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The Top 25 Rankings can also be a motivator for teams that are looking to climb the ladder and move up in the Top 25 Rankings. Being ranked lower than expected can serve as a wake-up call for teams that need to work harder to improve their performance on the field.

Class 1M football is the smallest division in Florida high school football, with schools having fewer than 200 students. Despite being the smallest division, Class 1M football is still highly competitive and provides an exciting platform for young athletes to showcase their talent and skills.

The Top 25 Rankings are essential in determining the top teams in the state and determining which teams qualify for playoffs and ultimately the state championship. These Top 25 Rankings can be found on various online platforms and are updated regularly throughout the season to reflect the latest results.

Overall, Florida Class 1M High School Football Top 25 Rankings are an essential aspect of the sport, providing a means for teams to measure their progress, identify areas for improvement, and compete for top honors. Whether you are a player, coach, or fan, understanding these Top 25 Rankings is critical in staying up-to-date with the latest developments in high school football in Florida.

If you’re a football fan, you know that keeping up with the latest Top 25 Rankings is crucial to understanding how the season is progressing. The same is true for high school football, especially in Florida where there are so many talented teams and players.
Here are some reasons why you need to know the State Florida Class 1M High School Football Top 25 Rankings:

One of the biggest reasons why fans follow the Top 25 Rankings is to predict the outcome of future games. If a team is highly ranked, it’s usually because they have a good track record of winning. This can help you determine which games to watch and which teams to follow closely throughout the season.

The Florida Class 1M High School Football Top 25 Rankings provide an indication of the level of competition among schools. The higher the ranking, the tougher the competition is likely to be. This is important for fans and players alike because it helps them prepare for what’s to come and ensures that the best teams are facing off against each other.

Being ranked highly in the Florida Class 1M High School Football Top 25 Rankings is a source of pride for players, coaches, and fans. It shows that a team has worked hard and has been successful on the field. Fans of highly ranked teams can wear their school colors with pride and cheer their team on with confidence.


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