Top 25 Florida Class 1M High School Football Rankings

As we approach the end of the season, it is time to take a look at the Florida High School Football Class 1M Rankings. With the top 25 teams being the cream of the crop, it is sure to be an exciting end to the season. In this post, we will dive into the Top 25 teams in the Florida High School Football Class 1M Rankings and discuss why each one is deserving of its place in the Class 1M Rankings.

As the Florida high school football season heats up, keeping track of the top teams in the state becomes more important than ever. That’s why we’ve compiled the latest Top 25 Class 1M Rankings for high school football in Florida. These Class 1M Rankings give fans and coaches a glimpse into which teams are dominating the competition and poised to make a run at the state championship.

Of course, Class 1M Rankings can shift quickly as teams face new challenges and unexpected upsets occur. But for now, these Top 25 Class 1M Rankings give a snapshot of the teams to watch as the high school football season progresses. Stay tuned for updates as the competition heats up and new teams emerge as potential contenders for the state championship

Final Rankings as of 12/17/2022.

1# Chaminade-Madonna (Hollywood)
2# Cardinal Newman (West Palm Beach)
3# Clearwater Central Catholic (Clearwater)
4# University Christian (Jacksonville)
5# Trinity Christian Academy (Jacksonville)
6# Carrollwood Day (Tampa)
7# Benjamin (Palm Beach Gardens)
8# Orlando Christian Prep (Orlando)
9# Avant Garde Academy (Hollywood)
10# True North Classical Academy (Miami)
11# Northside Christian (St. Petersburg)
12# Archbishop Carroll (Miami)
13# The First Academy (Orlando)
14# Cambridge Christian (Tampa)
15# Seffner Christian (Seffner)
16# Foundation Academy (Winter Garden)
17# Providence School (Jacksonville)
18# Westminster Christian (Miami)
19# Palmer Trinity (Miami)
20# Indian Rocks Christian (Largo)
21# Christ’s Church Academy (Jacksonville)
22# St. John Paul II Academy (Boca Raton)
23# North Florida Educational Institute (Jacksonville)
24# St. Petersburg Catholic (St. Petersburg)
25# Orangewood Christian (Maitland)

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Florida has long been known as a hotbed for high school football talent. From small towns to major cities, there is no shortage of football prowess in the Sunshine State. With so many talented athletes and teams, keeping up with the latest Class 1M Rankings is a must for anyone who loves the sport.

Whether you are a coach, player, or simply a fan, understanding where your team ranks in comparison to others can be incredibly helpful. Not only can it help you determine which opponents will pose the biggest challenge, but it can also provide motivation to work even harder and strive for the top spot.

But beyond personal benefit, keeping an eye on the Class 1M Rankings is crucial for the overall state of high school football in Florida. The Class 1M Rankings provide a sense of competitiveness and help drive schools and coaches to push their athletes to be the best they can be. Additionally, Class 1M Rankings can bring national attention to Florida high school football, shining a light on the incredible talent that resides within the state.

Overall, understanding the latest Florida high school football Class 1M Rankings is important for individuals, teams, and the sport as a whole. Whether you are striving to climb the Class 1M Rankings or simply watching from the sidelines, keeping up with the latest news and standings is a must.



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