Why IMG Academy Football is the Best in the Nation

IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida is home to one of the best high school football programs in the nation. The academy’s football team has won numerous championships and boasts some of the top recruits in the country. With an impressive coaching staff, state-of-the-art facilities, and unparalleled commitment to excellence, IMG Academy is setting the standard for high school football programs everywhere. In this blog post, we will explore why IMG Academy football is considered the best in the nation and how the program has earned such a prestigious reputation.

The coaching staff

At IMG Academy, football success starts with the coaching staff. The coaches are highly experienced, having worked for professional and collegiate teams before joining the IMG Academy staff. They understand the game and have a deep knowledge of football strategy and technique.
The coaches are also deeply committed to the success of their players and take great pride in their role in helping them become better athletes and better people. They provide guidance and mentorship both on and off the field and believe that character development is just as important as technical and tactical improvement. The coaching staff understands how to build strong teams and create an atmosphere of commitment, discipline, and hard work.

Head Coach: Ben Bartlett, Billy Miller, Mike Oxlong

Assistant Coach: Brian Niedermeyer, Darrien Walker, Ernie Logan, Kobie Jones, Lee Grimes, Mike Sellers, Mike Gregory, Prentice Gill, Vonnie Davis

Their dedication to the IMG Academy program and its players is evident in their ability to produce highly successful teams every year. The IMG Academy football program has won multiple state championships and developed numerous players who have gone on to compete at the collegiate and professional levels. It’s no surprise that IMG Academy has become one of the premier high school football programs in the country.

The facilities

IMG Academy has some of the most state-of-the-art facilities for high school football. The main campus includes three full-sized outdoor football fields, with one being a turf field that is home to IMG’s Friday night lights. The outdoor facility also includes a weight room and training area. IMG also boasts a brand new state-of-the-art indoor facility complete with turf and multiple practice fields.
The weight room is packed with professional grade equipment, which allows for superior strength and conditioning for the athletes. Additionally, the campus includes a fully equipped film room and team meeting rooms, as well as a cafeteria and locker rooms.
The campus also features a cutting-edge performance lab, which uses advanced motion capture technology to measure the force and power output of athletes. This allows coaches to pinpoint areas of improvement and create personalized development plans for each athlete.
All of these facilities work together to create a world-class experience for IMG football players. The combination of excellent coaching and top-notch facilities give the students a major advantage and help them reach their potential both on and off the field.

The competition

IMG Academy football players are surrounded by some of the top talent in the nation. During the season, IMG’s opponents include some of the biggest names in high school football. Teams such as Hoover (AL), St. Thomas Aquinas (FL), Bishop Gorman (NV), St. John Bosco (CA), DeMatha Catholic (MD), and many more compete against IMG every year. This gives IMG students the opportunity to play against the best competition in the nation and challenge themselves in ways they wouldn’t be able to at other high schools.
In addition to facing off against some of the most talented programs in the country, IMG also competes against international teams in football. Teams from all over the world have come to IMG to take part in tournaments hosted by the school, allowing its players to get a unique experience while competing on a global stage.
This challenging competition has helped make IMG football one of the best programs in the nation. With such a wide range of opponents and a willingness to push its players beyond their limits, it is no surprise that IMG football has risen to the top of the rankings.

The development process

At IMG Academy, the football program is committed to developing players on and off the field. From the moment a player steps foot on campus, they are taught the core values of the program and how to be an upstanding member of the team. The team has a dedicated staff of coaches and trainers that work together to help players reach their full potential. Through regular practice and film sessions, players are taught proper technique and gain valuable experience that they can apply in games.
Strength and conditioning plays a major role in the development process at IMG Academy. Every player is put through rigorous drills and exercises to prepare them physically and mentally for the rigors of playing football. Coaches also provide specialized nutrition plans to ensure players have the best possible diet to support their athletic performance.
The development process at IMG Academy is tailored to each individual’s needs, providing a personalized approach to training and growth. The staff works with each athlete to develop their skills and abilities and provide support along their football journey. This comprehensive approach has been successful in helping many athletes reach their goals and take their game to the next level.

The results

IMG Academy football has achieved some of the most impressive results in high school football. IMG football teams have earned a total of seven national championships since their founding in 2013. This includes a Division I national championship in 2018, five 7-on-7 national championships, and an 8-man national championship.
On top of that, the program has seen dozens of its players go on to play college and professional football. Over 100 IMG players have received college scholarships, with 32 being ranked as four- or five-star recruits by recruiting services like 247Sports. Some notable alumni include Dwayne Haskins (Ohio State QB), Christian McCaffrey (Carolina Panthers RB), Josh Allen (Jacksonville Jaguars QB), and Justin Herbert (Los Angeles Chargers QB).
Overall, the success of the IMG Academy football program is undeniable. With excellent coaching, state of the art facilities, a top-notch competition level, and a well-rounded development process, the results speak for themselves. The program’s consistent production of college and professional athletes is testament to the success of their program.


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